Step-scan Technology

Many FT-IR spectrometers suffer from obsolete computers and electronics boards. An alternative to discarding these systems is to have them converted to step-scan operation by MAT. Step-scan data collection is appropriate for many time-dependent measurements. In conventional rapid-scan FT-IR spectrometers, a moving mirror within the interferometer is translated at constant velocity to modulate the infrared radiation. The time dependence of the modulation often interferes with measuremnets in which the spectral properties of the sample are time dependent. 

In step-scan operation the interferometer's moving mirror is stopped during data collection, and moved stepwise between data collection points. Consequently, the interferometric modulation has no time dependence during data collection. Time dependence in the detector signal is then related only to spectral changes in the sample. Step-scan FT-IR techniques have been applied to a variety of time-dependent systems. 

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