DSP-based Modular Rapid- and Step-scan FT-IR Spectrometer

This work was presented at the Pittcon 1999 Conference
in Orlando, Florida on March 9, 1999 

Table of contents


Title Page

Picture of the Clearwater River


Instrument Basic Specifications

Internal View of Oriel MIR 8000 with Beamsplitter Obscured By Laser Pre-Amp

Internal View of Oriel MIR 8000 with Beamsplitter Visible

Block Diagram of DSP-Spectrometer

DSP Advantages

Modified Instrument Specifications

Transient Response

Position Stability

Step-scan 100% Line

Schematic of a DSP Based FTIR/Focal-Plane Array Spectroscopic Imaging System

Picture of an Oriel MIR 8000 Spectrometer

Infrared Brightfield Images of a Bar Target

Infrared Spectra and Images of Polymer "Shocktube" Laminate

Velocity Stability

24-bit ADC Performance

TGS Single-Scan Interferogram

Signal Processing

Rapid-Scan Single-Beam Spectra

Rapid-Scan 100% Line

Polypropylene Spectrum

DSP Specifications PC-32

Quote By Neil Lewis

DSP Specifications M-67


Picture of a Vibrational Spectroscopist on the Clearwater River


Contact Information and Supporters

Author: Chris Manning
              William Anderson
              E. Neil Lewis
              Linda Kidder
              Ira Levin

E-mail: chris@appl-tech.com

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