Signal Processing For Interferometry

This work was presented at the Optical Society of America meeting on Fourier
Transform Spectroscopy in Santa Barbara, CA on June 25, 1999.


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Continuous-scan Velocity Error

24-bit ADC Performance

Precessing Disk Interferometer

Retardation, velocity and duty cycle

Velocity, 3 milliseconds, 4 cm-1

Conventional vs Dual FT-IR Spectrometer

Uniform-time Sampling

Signal Processing Block Diagram

Picture of a 9 MHz Silicon Photo Diode Pre-Amp

LED Frequency Response

Magnitude  and Phase Response of IR Channel

Magnitude  and Phase Response of Laser Channel

Block Diagram of DSP-Spectrometer

TGS Response over Time

Noise/Artifact Levels

TGS Response Ratios over Time

TGS Response Phase over Time

Known Methods for Transform

Orthogonality of Components

Signal Processing

Spectrum, 40 milliseconds, 8 cm-1

Velocity, 40 milliseconds, 8 cm-1

S8 Wavelet Transform

Alias-Free Wigner Distribution

Continuous Wavelet Transform

Lomb Periodogram of Laser

Lomb Periodogram of Laser

Synthesized Interferogram

Lomb Periodogram of IR Signal

Lomb Periodogram of IR Signal

Lomb Periodogram of IR Signal

Lomb Periodogram of IR Signal

Lomb Periodogram of IR Signal

Cost of Computing

DSP Specifications M-67

DSP Advantages



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Contact Information

Author: Chris Manning


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